ALison enchelmaier

Native to New Jersey, Alison migrated to Miami as part of her lifelong goal to study nature and it’s creatures. A field biology class at Wheaton College led to her to fall in love with the birds of Cape Cod. She has been an avid birder ever since.

In 2017 she joined the Tropical Audubon Society as a conservation intern after receiving her M.Sc. in Marine Affairs and Policy from the University of Miami. In 2018 she became the Education Coordinator for the organization.

Alison takes a hands on approach to educating and connecting students of all ages to the environment and birds. Whether in the classroom or in the field, she uses any opportunity to teach about environmental issues and how people can enact positive environmental change in their communities. Outside of the classroom, Alison is an eager outdoorswoman, amateur photographer, artist, and writer.

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