Hatching the Phoebes

It is from laughter that the Phoebes, a Miami-based all-woman’s birding group, hatched. It was at the end of a well-attended bird walk where six of us found ourselves flocked. I don’t think any of us had ever laughed so hard while birding before and we wanted that spirit to live on. The idea for the Phoebes emerged amid hugs between a group of women who’d mostly just met that morning but whose connections clearly ran deeper. 

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Kirsten Hines
Birding & Motherhood

Being a birder has made me a better mother. A good birder needs patience and a willingness to tune in to the world around them; to feel the subtle changes in the weather that signal migration; to pay attention to the bird songs and daily and seasonal patterns of our feathered friends like the Painted Bunting.

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Ana LimaAna Lima